The Best Portable DVD Players To Keep You Entertained On Long Car Rides

The Best Portable DVD Players To Keep You Entertained On Long Car Rides

Sometimes, you can feel boring time if there is not anything that interest you when you are traveling a long journey. It can be a scorching desert or a boring type city view on your journey. At that moment you literally have nothing else to do except sit down idle and wait for the journey to end.

After reading this review, not only will you know about the best portable DVD players but also have clear idea to pick one. It’s a true fact that these portable cool devices are entertaining us for a long time now. Most of us like it’s portability which guarantees us of quality entertainment.

 1. SUNPIN 11″ Portable DVD Player with 9.5 inch HD Swivel Screen – Best Price Portable DVD Player

2. UEME Portable DVD CD Player with 10.1 Inch LCD Screen – Best Reviewed Portable DVD Player For The Car

3. DBPOWER 10.5″ Portable DVD Player With Rechargeable Battery – Portable DVD Player With Great Reviews

4. PUMPKIN 10.1″ Car Headrest DVD Player With Free Headphone – Best Portable DVD Player For Car Headrest

5. NAVISKAUTO 10.1″ Portable Blu-Ray DVD Player – Portable Blu-Ray PlayerBest Dual-Screen Portable DVD Player

6. 10.1″ Dual Portable DVD Players for Car – Can Play Different MoviesBest Portable Gaming Option

7. COOAU Portable DVD Player 11.5″ With Game Joystick – Good Reviews Gaming OptionBuying Guide

Features to Consider in Good Portable DVD Players

It’s not an easy task to find out the best portable DVD Player from various brands and models that are available in the market. Despite this fact, if you already know what you are looking for, then you will be able to end up with a perfect match. Here are some important features that you should have in mind while deciding for the best devices.

Let’s have a in-depth look at them right now.


When you see any particular device is advertised as portable then it is better be portable. There are some factors like size, weight, dimensions, and the number of components that go with it for a perfect portable DVD Player.

Screen size:

It is one of the crucial factors for a better user experience while watching any video, movie or images on the device. It makes much easier to focus on the scene particularly in a moving vehicle.


It should be checked properly whether its a touch-sensitive screen or built-in buttons, they all work smoothly while playing any multimedia.

Media files and storage devices:

It’s always being said that the more of any DVD player can support, the better. You may find some players unable to support certain storage devices as advertised.


It’s not enough if your purchased DVD Player work well on first week and then stop working. You should look for reviews from existing users those who given honest reviews.


We all want to make sure that we can get the best value for money for our any purchases.


Any best portable DVD players become proficient when you’re traveling long distance away from home. It offers you enjoy multimedia that gives you the chance to have a good time during the long trips. It also helps to entertain the kids and have fun inside the car.

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