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best electronic gifts

When it comes to gadgets and gizmos, men’s are always there. Especially men who are obsessed with tech products always look for the newest gadgets out in market.Gadget Answer has put together a list of best electronic gifts for men in 2019.

These are the most popular, most demanding gadgets of the year. It includes products from Desktop PC to laptop, from action cam to DSLR camera, best smartwatches to fitness bands, best gaming console to drone and each and everything that will attract a man!

Well you can say these are the products a man crave for!

Using these best gadgets featured with new cutting-edge technology can help your daily life activity and can make your day to day work much easier than ever before. You can also increase your work efficiency from household chores to office work with the help of these gadgets. It can help you do multitasking things in relatively less time.

Technology is ever changing and, this is a fact. So, to stay a step ahead from others, you have to get the best gadgets for men available right now. Here, we’ve researched and reviewed some of the best selling, attractive and best electronic gifts and gadgets for you, which are on everyone’s must buy list of 2018.

Down below, along with the list, Gadget Answer is presenting the best consumer reviews also. So, just scroll down and discover the electronic gifts for him according to Gadget Answer that will give you the taste of Tony Stark’s technologically advanced lifestyle. Now just sit back and take a look at the list, which we are also sure can help you make your own decision of buying the best electronic gadget and gifts for men in 2018!

Smart Phone


Right now the world is passing through the technological age of prosperity. Where, internet and tech gadgets has literally brought almost everything to our fingertips. And Smartphones are one the precise gift of this age.

By having a smartphone, you can connect to the world of technology where, distance doesn’t matter, no matter how far is your loved ones live, you can always get in-touch with them through social-media like Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp and bunch of other mediums. Smartphone keeps you connected and updated to the world and helps you stay advanced.

Smart Watch

smart watch

These days, smartwatches has taken over the place of our old traditional analog wristwatches. One of the most important reason for that is the features that every smartwatch comes with. A smartwatch can keep you updated and can make you more conscious about your health, as it comes with bunch of health related apps that can track your heart rate, monitor your blood pressure and sleep, count your steps and so on.

Also, you can get all the notifications from social media that you get on your smartphone simply by connecting it via Bluetooth. And that’s not all, if you don’t want your smartphone to be connected with your smartwatch then you can use sim cards in smartwatches. By using a sim card, a smartwatch can provide you almost every feature that you get on your smartphone like, making calls, text, clicking photos, voice recording even connecting to the internet. You can also use twitter, Facebook and other popular social media apps on your smartwatch.

Bluetooth Earbuds & Wireless Headphones

Wireless Gaming Headset SteelSeries Arctis 7

Embracing Bluetooth and wireless technology has enhanced the comfort of using earbuds and over-the-ear headphones. Now we can just cut the cable and enjoy the ultimate mobility by using these wireless headphones. This wireless & Bluetooth technology allows us to make our phone conversation cord-free, without kinking our neck and of-course keeps our hands free.

Not only phone conversations, as big companies like Sony, Bose, Beyerdynamic, Plantronics, AKG, JBL and bunch of other companies revealing their new audio devices featuring latest technology everyday, now these Bluetooth headphones offering us great sound quality with Active noise cancelling (ANC) feature. They also comes with great battery life, so that we don’t have to worry about charging the wireless headphones very often. Overall, Bluetooth earbud & wireless headphones gives us freedom of mobility.

From workout to traveling, these devices are making our life easier than ever before.

DSLR Camera

Now in the technology and connectivity era, cameras have become the part of our lives. No matter, we are traveling far or not, we always love to take pictures and share them with our family and friends. And for men, one of the best electronic gifts will be a great Camera. Because, most men like to travel a lot and want the best gadgets to carry along. So cameras can be the best electronic gift for men in 2018.

There’s an old saying popular among people that – a picture is worth thousand words, and it is very true. About taking pictures, people also say – “It is the photographer that takes good pictures, not the camera” – and Gadget Answer do believe in this sayings.

But still, If you want to buy the best camera for men and if you are that kind of person who likes adventures and loves to take some amazing photos, then you should get the best DSLR camera. Here you will find the list of best cameras for men in 2018 suggested by Gadget Answer. Also pros and cons, and of course with their positive and negative sides. Gadget Answer has cut out all the guesses and provided you the list of best camera for men.

VR Box 3D Glasses

Teenagers, girls, boys of all ages who like to play games and loves to watch 3D movies are very likely to want to try out virtual reality glasses this holiday season. And if you have that kinda people on your holiday list, they might be wondering that, are they lucky enough to get 3D VR Headset as a gift from you! So, if you are the one who wants to surprise their friends with such a wonderful tech gift, than Gadget Answer is here for you to help you pick the best electronic gifts!

There was a time when, Virtual reality glasses were very expensive to buy and was rare to get as well. But now, 3D VR Headsets are very easy to get both from online and offline. There are a bunch of different kinds of virtual reality glasses out there in the market, and you might get confused and not know which one to choose.

When you want to buy VR headsets for yourself or for a friend, you should keep a few things in mind. Like, the purpose of using a 3D VR headset, budget and the brands. If you want to use it for gaming you should have a good budget and go for the branded VR boxes first. Then, if the purpose is watching movies, you should look for good quality and good comfort. Here in Gadget Answer, we have done the homework for you and made a list of Top 10 VR Box 3D glasses of 2018!


Are you planning to purchase a gift for a gentleman in your life? It can be your beloved husband, brother, father, friend, boyfriend or cousin, our best electronic gifts for men article will help you find the perfect gift.

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